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Planning and engineering

Mitigation planning

Planning, hazard mapping, dimensioning of static defences as well as planning for forecasting and operational mitigation of avalanche risk. Applications include highways, industrial roads, worksites, energy corridors, ski lifts, recreational areas, structures, industrial facitities and residential areas.

Risk assessment

Avalanche risk assessments for transportation corridors, industrial roads, structures, pedestrian areas, fixed worksites as well as mobile workers.

Snow forces on structures

Determining creep, glide and avalanche forces on structures including ski lift towers and powerline structures.

On large planning and engineering projects Bruce Jamieson often works as an associate for Dynamic Avalanche Consulting Ltd. of Revelstoke, BC or BGC Engineering Inc. of Vancouver, BC.


Publications by Bruce Jamieson and colleagues


A technical manual for characterizing, assessing, mapping and mitigating snow avalanche hazard and risk. Available in print and pdf editions.

Jamieson, B. (Ed.), 2018. (Contributions by Argue, C., Buhler, R., Campbell, C., Conlan, M., Gauthier, D., Gould, B., Jamieson, B., Johnson, G., Johnston, K., Jones, A., Jonsson, A., Sinickas, A., Statham, G., Stethem, C., Thumlert, S., Wilbur, C.). Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.

​​​An updated e-book for the print book that has sold over 100,000. Over 100 color images. New chapters on Interpreting Avalanche Bulletins, and Making Decisions. Updated content throughout, including Companion Rescue.

​Bruce Jamieson and Terry Palechuk, 2018. Ninth edition e-book available through Amazon Kindle October 2019. (First edition by Bruce Jamieson published 1989).

Description and analysis of 105 fatal avalanche accidents from 1996 – 2007. Includes an overview of the trends and patterns in fatal avalanche accidents.

Bruce Jamieson, Pascal Haegeli and Dave Gauthier. 2010. Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke, BC, 429 pp.

​Print version sold out. Click on cover thumbnail to download the pdf version.

Bruce Jamieson and Torsten Geldsetzer. 1996. Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke, BC, 203 pp. Translated by M. Perron and M. Thibaudeau as Avalanches au Canada, 1984-1996. 219 pp.

Sledding in Avalanche Terrain: Reducing the Risk

3rd edition. Out of print.

Bruce Jamieson and Lori Zacaruk, 2010. Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke, BC., 50 pp. First edition also available in French as La motoneige en terrain avalancheux: Comment reduire les risques. Translated by M. Thibaudeau. Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke, BC, 63 pp.

Free Riding in Avalanche Terrain: A Snowboarder's Handbook

Second edition. (First published 1999). Hard copy discontinued. Content merged with the e-book Backcountry Avalanche Awareness.

Bruce Jamieson and Jennie Krynski, 2012. Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke, BC, 74 pp.

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Contributions to guidelines and standards

Canadian Avalanche Association, (Subject matter experts: B. Jamieson, C. Stethem, P. Schaerer, D. McClung), 2002. Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstoke, BC.

Canadian Avalanche Association (Subject matter experts: D. McClung, C. Stethem, P. Schaerer, B. Jamieson), 2002. Canadian Avalanche Association, Revelstole, BC.

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Conference papers, articles in association and scientific periodicals

Selected, mostly recent, papers are listed below. Hover the cursor over the title to see if the publication can be downloaded. A separate list of over 70 papers in ISI journals and over 100 conference papers by Bruce Jamieson and colleagues is available here.

How differences between snow avalanches and other geohazards affect mapping and mitigation

Abstract submitted to GeoCalgary 2020. Bruce Jamieson and Dave Gauthier

The likelihood scale in avalanche forecasting

Scott Thumlert, Grant Statham, Bruce Jamieson. Avalanche Journal 122 (fall 2019), Canadian Avalanche Association, 24-28.

The risk of ski cutting – results from an international survey

Bruce Jamieson, Karl Birkeland, Mark Vesely, Ilya Storm, John Stimberis. Avalanche Journal 122 (fall 2019),  Canadian Avalanche Association, 30-33.

How risky is ski cutting by avalanche practitioners?

Bruce Jamieson, Karl Birkeland, Mark Vesely, Ilya Storm, John Stimberis. 2019. The Avalanche Review 38.1 (Oct. 2019), 20-23.

This is the full version of a paper on the risk of ski cutting by avalanche practitioners by Bruce Jamieson, Karl Birkeland, Mark Vesely, Ilya Storm and John Stimberis. Shorter versions have been published in The Avalanche Review (American Avalanche Association) and the Avalanche Journal (Canadian Avalanche Association). There is a 12.5 minute video of the key results here. A pdf version of the online survey (which closed in June 2019) is posted here.

The Trans-Canada Highway - Avalanche mitigation project in Glacier National Park

Chris Argue, Ryan Buhler, Jeff Goodrich, Bruce Jamieson, Alan Jones, Jaime Sanderson, 2019. The Avalanche Journal, 121 (summer 2019), 18-21.

Bruce Jamieson and Cam Campbell, 2019. Extended abstract for the International Symposium on Mitigative Measures against Snow Avalanches and Other Rapid Gravity Mass Flows, Siglufjörður, Iceland, April 3–5, 2019. 6 pages.

Ryan Buhler, Chris Argue, Bruce Jamieson, Alan Jones, 2018. Proceedings of the 2018 International Snow Science Workshop in Innsbruck, Austria.

Chris Argue, Ryan Buhler, Jeff Goodrich, Bruce Jamieson, Alan Jones, Jaime Sanderson, 2018. Proceedings of the 2018 International Snow Science Workshop in Innsbruck, Austria.

Jamieson, B., Smith, M., 2018. Full version of the paper presented at the 2018 International Snow Science Workshop in Innsbruck, Austria, October 2018.

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Education and training

Bruce Jamieson provides specialized avalanche workshops , CPD and webinars for avalanche practitioners and industry. Previous clients include:

  • Division of Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector (Engineers and Geoscientists BC)

  • BC Ministry of Transportation, Snow Avalanche Programs

  • Canadian Avalanche Association

  • Parks Canada

  • Icelandic Search and Rescue

  • Portland Mountain Rescue

  • various backcountry & lift-serviced snow-sport operations.

 These seminars include topics such as:

  • assessing and mitigation avalanche risk for planning developments and operations in or near avalanche terrain

  • avalanche risk for workers and backcountry recreationists

  • energy balance at the snow surface

  • human triggering of avalanches

  • applying uncertainty and risk concepts to decisions

  • modern snowpack tests

  • forecasting deep slab avalanches

  • ski cutting - history and risk


Topics for training/CPD sessions and webinars, winter 2020

Some recent presentations, CPD and training sessions

In addition to specialized training, Bruce Jamieson has taught

  • Graduate courses on Snow Avalanche Formation and Release and Snow Avalanche Hazard Mitigation for the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary, 1998 to 2013.

  • Level 2 and 3 Avalanche Operations courses for the Canadian Avalanche Association until 2019, starting with Level I courses in 1992.

  • over 37 recreational avalanche courses, 1983 to 1998.


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Bruce Jamieson, PhD, PEng

Bruce has been working with avalanches for over 35 years, and providing training since 1985.

He is a Professional Engineer registered in British Columbia, and a professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association.

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